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How much does it cost to maintain a website?

When it comes to maintaining a website, there are many elements that need to be included in the cost, such as: the cost of the server, the domain, in many cases the supervision of a person who takes care of the development of the site. In today's article I will describe each of these factors and what you need to be particularly careful about when setting up a website.

1. Hosting

Many people at the beginning of their road related to creating websites face the dilemma what hosting to choose? This is a very important choice, because in truth web hosting is the home for our website. This is where you store the content and all the important files of your website. Choosing the best hosting can improve your SEO (google search engine optimization) results. Maximizing your website's reach on the internet is the key to better sales of your store's products, or your company's services. Hosting depending on the hosting provider costs within 40-80 $ per year, everything depends on the parameters of the server. For maintaining our server or hosting usually in the first year we pay cheaper than for its renewal. And here comes an important tip - beware of cheap hosting in the first year, because the price for their renewal will probably be much higher.

Ranking of hosting prices in the cheapest option based on Poland statistics


2. Domain

A domain is a unique name on the Internet, or in simplest terms, the address of your website that you type into your browser. An example of a domain is  damianmigala.pl. W Polsce najczęściej możemy zauważyć domeny z końcówką .pl. W zależności od naszych potrzeb możemy dostosować końcówkę .com, .eu, .com.pl czy inne niestandardowe domeny.

Domain for 0 $

There are various services offering very cheap domains. We can buy it even for 0 $ in the first year, but unfortunately, as in the case of hosting, its renewal for subsequent years will probably involve a higher cost.

Ranking of prices of the most popular Polish domains


3. A person's oversight of the website

The cost of a server and domain is one thing, some websites need monitoring, updating plugins, or at least doing back-ups and reports to analyze statistics on the site. Some do not have so much time to spend hours and hours adding content to the site, so a monthly subscription is often used. In this case, it is an individual approach when it comes to the financial aspect.


If you have plans to set up a website, then you need a domain and a server. These are fixed costs that you incur every year. The cost of server and domain maintenance is about 60-100 PLN for the first year and about 100-300 PLN gross for each subsequent year, depending on the chosen service, except for home.pl, which has terribly exorbitant server prices.

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