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Web design tips

If you are preparing to create a new website and you would like your website to be done with the right web design principles that will improve your company's image, in this article, I will present some tips.

1. Colors

A well-chosen color palette can significantly improve a potential customer's impression. Complementary colors create balance and overall harmony. Using well-contrasting colors for the text and background will improve its visual appeal and make it easier to read. Bright, vibrant colors should be used sparingly, in areas where you want to focus the user's eyes, such as call-to-action buttons that signify a call to action.

2. Website made in simple way

These days in web design, less is more. You won't impress modern users if your design is complicated. The message of what is on the page must be expressed in a clear and simple way. Stick to standard layouts, don't make users think. Remember that a simple design is an effective design.

3. Mobile optimization

telefon komorkowy tworzenie stron internetowych

This is another tip that cannot be ignored. Over 2 billion people today use their phones to access the internet. If you have not optimized your website for mobile, you are missing out on millions of potential visitors. Optimizing for mobile means that your website displays correctly on devices like (tablet, phone). If a user can't easily navigate your site using a smartphone with a choice, it's very likely they won't come back. Therefore, remember to take care of every little visual detail.

4. "Call To Action" buttons

przycisk wezwania do działania-strony-internetowe

I've mentioned them before, but I can't imagine not singling them out as a separate subsection. Call to action buttons are very important on any website. People don't have time for guesswork. Do them a favor and show them where to bitch about the most important information. This approach will help them get from point A (object of interest) to point B (our service) as quickly as possible. Don't make your customers sift through information to find what they need, make it easy for them.

5. loading speed

If pages or images don't load fast enough, unfortunately but the image of your website loses quality. A website should load in just 3-4 seconds. Anything higher than that is just frustrating for potential buyers, website speed must be your top priority. Data shows that 40% of users leave a website if it takes too long to load.

A few reasons why our site is slow:

  • Photos in inappropriate format - changing JPG compression to 90% results in a 55% reduction in size, with no apparent loss of quality
  • Poor optimization of graphics
  • Images in too high a resolution compared to those displayed on the website
  • Problemy po stronie naszego hostingodawcy, przeciążenie serwera
  • Too many animations

6. Social media buttons

Social medMedia is a powerful marketing tool that, when used correctly, can increase brand awareness. It is also important to place "share and follow" buttons. If your customers see something worth sharing with their friends they will be able to do so easily. When people are happy with your services or the products you offer them, they will not only come back for more, but they will also share your brand content with everyone they know.

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